Monday, June 25, 2007

a ROCKIN' tip o' the hat to GARAGE Magazine

Garage Magazine, issue #14. On the newsstands now. Publisher: Jesse James. Editor-in-Chief: Dan Stoner. Art Director: Brian Bounds.
THE hippest review yet of ROCKIN'. (click photo to enlarge). Thanks, guys. I'm still wearing a smile, having read it.
But as an aside, I have to tell ya that the Doobies around 1971 - 72 were THE rad and bad biker band in the San Jose, CA territory. They played many of their early gigs at the Chateau Liberte on the top of the Santa Cruz mountains, midway between San Jose and Santa Cruz. The Chateau originally was one of the key Wells Fargo stage stops in the Bay Area, dating back to the 1800's. Even if some of their (later) music today strikes you as M-O-R, I seriously don't think even Jesse would make that comment in front of the Chateau bar or out in the parking lot, and certainly not to Pat Simmons, guitarist, biker, and gearhead, who is a particular hero of mine and who definitely could (and did) rock on down the highway. Other than that small point . . . carry on, it's a great mag.

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