Tuesday, September 18, 2007

a ROCKIN' selection of the latest (and most recently unearthed) rock concert posters

(above) artist Jeral Tidwell (Louisville, KY)
(above) artist Nix (Detroit, MI)
(above) artist Leia Bell (Salt Lake City, UT)
(above) from the archives, artist unknown
(above) artist Tom Dewar
(above) artist Bill Cooper (San Francisco, CA)

(above) from the archives, artist unknown
(above) artist Nat Damm
(above) artist Malleus Studio (Italy)
(above) artist Lil' Tuffy (San Francisco, CA)
(above) artist Keith Herzik (Chicago);
note: this is a tour poster, for var. dates.
The artist plays in the band.
(above) artist Claudia Hek (The Netherlands)
(above) artist Brian Sauer

Every so often I update the ROCKIN' blog with a new selection of rock concert posters which have come to light, either as new designs (examples: Jeral Tidwell, Leia Bell), or as selections from the ever-evolving archives (examples: Subhumans/Rank and File, Velvet Underground).
Many of these pieces can be viewed at www.gigposters.com, and there you can see the other art each designer has produced (click on the 'designer' tab). Also, while there, you'll see contact information for the artists, should you be so inclined to pursue.
The Leia Bell piece, for 'Screens and Spokes,' benefits a very worthy cause. While technically not an 'automotive' piece because trikes don't have engines, it nevertheless evokes the angles and aspects shown in the best automotive photography, emphasizing the quartering view.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I was just googling looking for Hearse reference and found your OOOOLD post (2007) that featured my Hearses in Hell poster.


Thanks for the publish on your blog. However, If you could, make it a habit to let the artists that you publish know about it. It really makes us feel like we're actually doing something right. Again, thanks!



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