Monday, December 31, 2007

a few more ROCKIN' automotive-themed gigposters to round out '07

(above) by artist Jeral Tidwell, Louisville, KY
(above) by artist Gregg Gordon, San Francisco
(above) by artist/studio Rhyfer Ink (UK)
(above) by artist Kathleen Judge, Chicago
(above) artist unknown, (UK)
(above) by artist James Bender, Tacoma, WA
(above) artist unknown (Italy)
(above) by studio Aegrisomnia Design
(above) by artist Mark White (Italy)
As 2007 comes to a close tonight, I'm once again reminded that artistic passion for creating automotive-themed gigposters (advertising concert and club music events) knows no bounds. And so ROCKIN' DOWN THE HIGHWAY continues to make friends worldwide, with continued thanks to the publisher, Voyageur Press, a division of Motorbooks, for keeping the book front-and-center and sponsoring this blog (which began in November, 2006!!).
My best to everyone for the new year . . . and please continue to watch this space for breaking news about ROCKIN' becoming a television documentary series.


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