Friday, May 23, 2008

Stainboy's ROCKIN' great new book of artwork

(above) cover (and title page) of 'Stainboy" Greg Reinel's excellent new book
(above) poster for traveling film festival, featuring Reinel's fav
Highland Green '68 'GT 'Stang
five-color silkscreen w. metallic ink, edition of 130, 2005
(above and several below) Greg handbuilt his homage out of two
preassembled diecast models, then went for full-on street-worn authenticity
(photos by Paul Grushkin, at a Flatstock-isnpired show in Texas)

(above) five-color silkscreen w. metallic ink, edition of 190, 2006
(above) five-color silkscreen w. metallic ink, edition of 300, 2006
(above) poster by Stainboy Greg Reinel and Jeff Wood at Drowning Creek Studios
nine-color silkscreen w. metallic inks, artist ed. of 1,000, 2006
image courtesy of Galpin Auto Sports
(above) six-color silkscreen, edition of 300, 2003
(above) six-color silkscreen, edition of 150, 2003
If you're an equal-parts fan of rock and cars, then 'Stainboy' Greg Reinel's new book, VICIOUS INTENT, is made for you. It was published earlier this month by Dark Horse Books, with a foreword by Frank Kozik and a special interview w. Greg conducted by yours truly.
Kozik makes this observation: "I recommend you mix a good drink, take off your shoulder holster, drop the needle on an LP of good Jazz Flute, and let your eyes melt."
I could not agree more.
As many of you already know from the reading ROCKIN', m'boy Stainboy is one of this country's top concert poster artists. And no one that I know meets the criteria of 'rocker' quite like Greg. And on top of all that, he illustrates muscle cars very, very well (he also owns a bad-ass Mustang himself).
You've also seen many of his newest posters in these blogs over the past two years.
These days it's not so easy to get retrospective books published. You have to be a good salesman along with being a top artist. Since Greg loves travelin', loves meeting his fans, loves selling his product, that's no problem at all. And I have to commend Dark Horse for doing him proud, 'cause the production color is true throughout.
Try it, you'll like it. Most comic book stores are stocking the book, along with B&N, Borders, and Amazon. But be sure to get yourself a first edition. Those won't be around very long.

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