Tuesday, June 10, 2008

some very ROCKIN' automotive-themed rock concert posters appeared in May

(above) DIRTBOMBS, by VonDada (Kirk Diedrich)
(above) SOCIAL DISTORTION, by Craig Howell
(above) CLUTCH, by Jeral Tidwell
(above) NEW BRUTALISM, by Ryan Duggan
(above) DRIVE-BY TRUCKERS, by Powerslide Design
(above) FIN FANG FOOM, by Ron Liberti
(above) VIBROLAS, by Chris Hosner
(above) ZEKE, by Billy Bishop
(above) VELCRO LEWIS, by Crosshair Design (Dan McAdam)
(above) THE SLINGERLAND RIDE, by 1090 Studios
(above) "VAMPIRE WEEKEND," by Dog & Pony Showprints
Honoring our good friend Alton Kelley, the great rock concert poster artist who passed away, here are the posters-of-the-month for May.
Note that some are brand new, for May and June events, and others surfaced from the archives--and of note, the ZEKE poster, which Billy Bishop in Austin, TX spontaneously created by overprinting on some especially cheesy pre-printed stock. Kudos, Billy! Still one of my all-time favs.
Also gotta give special props to CAD designer Craig Howell, selecting a car much like that which Mike Ness drives; Jeral Tidwell, for continuing his own tradition of excellence; and VonDada (aka Kirk Diedrich) for his inspired DIRTBOMBS poster, who wrote on www.gigposters.com "these are 4-color screenprints (grey, red, "flo" (fluorescent) green, and black) on 110 lb. bright white stock, supertight printing done by Nick at Tugboat Studios. Edition of 100. These sold out at the show for $30 a pop. Crazy!"

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