Wednesday, October 25, 2006

ROCKIN' the Big Apple

ROCKIN' has just hit NYC!! There are piles of books at Barnes & Noble. How do I know?

Lyle Ferbrache, a well-regarded California record collector, who provided one of the rarest pieces in the book--the "Jennings Two Step" 78 on the Hot Rod Records label, shown on page 19--is pictured here holding up his pagespread at the 5th Avenue Barnes & Noble bookstore. Lyle and his wife Zoe-Ann were visiting the Big Apple for the very first time, coincidentally, and saw ROCKIN' through the front window.

There are only a handful of people who know about this record label. Lyle, of course, but also Chris Strachwitz, who founded Arhoolie Records. I'll put up a blog about Chris shortly.

Hot Rod Records, out of San Antonio, TX, released seven 78 recordings, all cajun music, around 1948 - 1949. There was no rock & roll in sight . . . yet. Post-war hot rodding had just begun, so this label art actually was a cutting-edge development, though mostly unseen.

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I'll put up a blog about Chris shortly.