Friday, August 17, 2007

a ROCKIN' evening at Gordon McCall's 16th annual Motorworks Revival in Monterey, CA

(above and below) your author and the burnt yellow Lambo

(above and below) Ferrari and Lotus racers, those are what fascinated me as a teenager.
My hero was Jim Clark in Lotus green . . . but you gotta love Ferrari red.
(above) Cobras and jets. The essence of the event.
(above) admiring a pre-production Lexus
(above) one of a thousand marvelous scenes.
(above and below) Jack Roush engines.
I happen to root for Matt Kenseth and the #17 NASCAR racer
(part of the combined Roush racing stable)

(above and below) a magnificently restored B25 Mitchell bomber

(above and below) one of the greatly admired cars at the McCall event,
the Bentley Brooklands.

(above) I have a thing for Austin-Healey 3000's -- ever since I first
picked up Sports Car Graphic as a middle schooler
(above) not to mention Jaguar XK120's and XK140's

(above and below) a classic from the UK, ready for auction

(above) as powerful a Cobra as you'll ever see.
(above and below) the historically important Doane Spencer
roadster, about which you can read in Tony Thacker's
'32 FORD DEUCE, published several months ago by Motorbooks,
also the publisher of ROCKIN'

(above and below) gotta admit, I just love the stance made famous by the GT 40

(above) my good friend David, admiring a new Lexus (prototype)

I happily accepted an invitation to attend Gordon McCall's 16th annual McCall Motorworks Revival event, held for the past several years at the Monterey Jet Center at the Monterey, CA airport in connection with the annual Pebble Beach Concours which concludes this Sunday.
My good friend David Liskin, whom I've known since middle school in Englewood, NJ, lives in Carmel and has been a business partner with Gordon (among much else), and David (along with his wife Mary) was my sponsor this past Wednesday night.
I was pleased that quite a number of David's friends, whom I met at the event, knew all about ROCKIN' and have it in their personal libraries.
Gordon is an acquisitions and evaluation advisor to Christie's motorcar auctions, as well as the on-going organizer, with his wife Molly, of the namesake McCall's Motorworks Revival. He's also planning a personal LSR-record attempt . . . on a bicycle . . . scheduled for October of this year at the Bonneville, UT salt flats. Currently the world record speed is 166.944 mph, held by Fred Rompelberg of the Netherlands. So I'll be rooting for Gordon, a gearhead who was born in my home state of New Jersey, to bring the record back to the USA.
The Motorworks Revival is a place to gather over fine wine and good food, and, as one publication put it, "compare what changes the year has brought." Corporate jet manufacturers bring their latest offerings to the Revival, and some manufacturers like Lexus and Bentley use the Revival to preview pre-production cars. It's also a benefit for the California Highway Patrol 11-99 Foundation.
You can see more photos of the 2007 Revival at

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