Sunday, August 26, 2007

ROCKIN' in Pleasanton (Goodguys 21st West Coast Nationals) - part one: the roadsters

(above) my sentiments exactly
(above) go Jimi go . . .
(above) what hundreds do . . . constantly cruisin' the fairgrounds
(above) the famous Tom McMullen roadster, first cloned in '97
(below) sorta the same idea, blown
(above and below) my friend David's favorite

(above and below) one of the SoCal Speedshop-esque roadsters

(above) the first rod I saw Saturday am, just inside the fairground gates

(above and below) the plate sez it all (as awarded)
"America's Most Beautiful Roadster, 2005"

(above and below) in the winner's pasture

(above and below) I've always been a Creamsicle guy

(above and below) another color I adore . . . psychedelic yellow

My high school friend David Liskin and I cruised the Goodguys 21st annual West Coast Nationals on Friday at the Alameda Country Fairgrounds in Pleasanton, and then I went back Saturday for a second helping. David was fascinated by the roadsters, so I made sure to shoot some beauties.
The Deuce, as seen in hot rod roadster form, really is one of the Rockin'-ist cars ever designed. It has classic lines worthy of the many songs it inspired, and as you can see, improvisation with metal, shape, and color is very much like the improvisation inherent in rock music.
More wild shapes and colors in the next several blogs a-comin'.

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