Friday, November 16, 2007

More of those good ROCKIN' automotive gig posters (from the US, Canada, and Europe)

(above) by Dirk Fowler, Lubbock, TX (letterpress print) . . . Cadillac Ranch, baby!
(above) by Burlesque of North America, Minneapolis, MN (screenprint)
(above) by Martin Gossi, Switzerland
(above) by Ed Fotheringham, Seattle, WA
(above) by Jay Ryan, Chicago, IL (screenprint by The Bird Machine studio)
(above) by Jeff Guh, Brooklyn, NY(above) by Chris Hosner . . . killer photo!
(above) by Buddy Lee Roth, Canada (screenprint)
(above) by Aesthetic Apparatus design studio, Minneapolis, MN (screenprint)
In the continuing search for great rockin' automotive-themed gig posters, I've come across these in the last several months. Great stuff! See earlier blogs for other wonderful pieces. You could fill a book with these alone . . .

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