Sunday, November 04, 2007

a second year ROCKIN' at SEMA Show, Las Vegas

(above) For a second straight year, ROCKIN' was a featured title at
Bob Larivee's Art and Heritage exhibit (and emporium) at the SEMA show,
and Motorbooks, ROCKIN's publisher, again arranged for me to sign.
(above) I was joined at the booksigning by Darrell Mayabb,
who illustrated the ROCKIN' book jacket
(above) I finally met up with Funkmaster Flex, the great NYC DJ
who also produces spectacular car shows up and down the East Coast.
Early on in the book's creation, I extended a warm welcome to Flex
to write the book's afterword, but the scheduling just didn't work out.
Now, we hope to collaborate on some projects.
(above) Meet Mike Hejny (l), VP Sales and Marketing for Motorbooks
and Dennis Tomfohrde (r), my key connection in Special Sales.
(above) Always great to see ROCKIN' front and center at Larivee's.
(above) Many other authors were signing at Larivee's, including
Robert Williams. That's Jerry Dixey from STREET RODDER MAG
peeking in from the left.
(above) Williams, in action. My good friend Mike LaVella
(of Gearhead Magazine fame) did the extensive interviewing of Williams
and brilliantly co-authored this highly appealing work (check it out!)
(above) Also signing the new Williams book was Suzanne Williams,

Robert's wife, who has played a major role as life partner

(and driver of her own hot rod).
(above) Robert and Suzanne Williams with Darrell Mayabb,

whose paths have crosse many times since the Ed Roth days.
(above) Rex Roy, who authored his first book for Motorbooks,

I say . . .check it out!
(above) what makes the Art and Heritage exhibit

(and emporium) so special . . . paintings like this one

from Dave Barnhouse, who put his attention to the Rocket 88.

(above) a DeTomaso Pantera, one of which was bought by Elvis,

and you'll remember that the story of him shooting it in exasperation

is told in the last chapter of ROCKIN'.

(above) the Pantera's steering wheel, which was the recipient of Elvis' ire.


For a second year ROCKIN' played a role at SEMA, the world's largest automotive aftermarket convention. Occupying all the display halls at the Las Vegas Convention Center, SEMA is literally too much to see in one day. Unfortunately, all I had was one day this time, but there were wonderful and unexpected moments, like hanging with fellow authors Robert and Suzanne Williams and finally meeting Funkmaster Flex.
In the next two blogs I'll show you some of the fantastic Mustangs that were on display, along with all sorts of mind-boggling and luscious, highly-customized rides (including the new Camaro from GM). Plus, the story of the newest Blastolene Special. So keep tuned!

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Please say hi to Frank V. I used to work in prod @ Winterland. I was late a lot, and it seemed okay until I quit trying to entertain him with my excuses. The following poem/song was inspired by that.

there best bargain walked through the door
i heard the boss call my name.
he said go home and think real hard
bout bein late again.

bein late should be a benefit
given to people like me.
they don't pay enough to buy a car
why don't they let me be

late, late, late for years now
late, late, too late for fears now
late, late, i think i'll quit them
late, late, but then again

so if i ever become popular,
please don't buy my shirts,
who needs two faces anyway
too much of anything is for jerks

(repeat chorus)

these people think that they are rock and roll
and they don't even like it.
they just wanna roll in dough
and say don't knock it till you tried it.


i'm not mad any more, and will always remember Frank, and the time he dipped me dancing.

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oops--wrong their. said...

I read so much helpful data above!