Sunday, March 11, 2007

a ROCKIN' Corvette find at Barry Wickham's archive

Way before CD singles and DVDs, there was the '45 rpm single and the EP (a single-sized vinyl record with more than one track on a side, but generally also playing at '45 rpm). The picture sleeve was a unique feature, and was often used for pure promotions. This one--"Sounds of Corvette"--is unique because it's a one-sided 33 1/3 rpm long-playing record housed in a '45-size picture sleeve. It was unearthed by Barry Wickham who graciously provided many fantastic gems to ROCKIN'.
Here's what it says on the front of the sleeve of this RCA Victor Custom Records (Chevrolet-label #LO8U-2948) release:
"Here's an exciting record that brings you an expert's knowledge and the sound of America's sports car in action! Listen as Mr. K.E. Staley, Chevrolet's General Sales Manager, introduces you to the great '61 Corvette. Then, let your imagination go along for a thrilling ride with Zora Arkus-Duntov, world-famous sports car driver and automotive engineer, as he puts the new Corvette through its paces!"
The back of the sleeve depicts the many options and specs available. It concludes, "whatever you choose, a new avenue of automotive adventure will stretch out before you when you GO CORVETTE!"
Besides the sleeve's artwork depicting the driver and passenger about to drive off onto a [snow-covered, iced-over lake in summertime], note the passenger's jaunty wave and a-ok sign. And is that Zora in the driver's seat? And what is the equipment the [test engineer's] wearing around his neck?
And, just to be sure the prospective customer got it right, the label on the record advised, "start at outside of record." This reminds me of the early Victor label that carried some of the first jazz music, which advised consumers that it was "For Dancing."

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