Sunday, March 04, 2007

a ROCKIN' north american tour poster for Eric Clapton, by Chuck and Ron at The Firehouse

In blogging about the KUSTOM Magazine piece from Italy on ROCKIN', I began by noting the work of Ron Donovan and Chuck Sperry, the two rock-poster-making partners in The Firehouse, based in San Francisco, who've so greatly affected the work of modern poster makers screenprinting in Europe.
Here's what they were working on as I was blogging--the 2007 North American tour poster for Eric Clapton. The '40 Ford depicted here is Clapton's own and is shown on page 231 of ROCKIN' (and its construction at Roy Brizio Street Rods is described at greater length in The Rodder's Journal, issue #15). TRJ #23 has a fine article on Clapton's '32 Ford roadster (also shown in ROCKIN').
This jPeg hardly does the poster justice. According to Chuck, it's a ten color screenprint, featuring silver, gun metal, and metallic blue (with seven additional colors). Nice and big too: 18" x 24". Chuck and Ron are masters of metallic inks.
You can see more of the Firehouse's recent commissions for Clapton at Click on "designers". For more of Firehouse's great body of work, see ART OF MODERN ROCK (Grushkin and King, Chronicle Books, 2004) or EYESORE: RECENT LITTER FROM THE FIREHOUSE KUSTOM ROCKART COMPANY (Sperry and Donovan, Last Gasp, 2003).

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