Tuesday, March 27, 2007

ROCKIN' gets four stars ("absolute must") in Hemmings Classic Car mag (May issue)

Associate Editor Craig Fitzgerald at Hemmings Classic Car magazine gave ROCKIN' four stars in the May '07 issue shown here.
He wrote, among much else, "Each of the 240 pages is packed with incredible full-color artwork, from obscure album covers to period photography to pencil drawings, illustrating the automobile's consisten influence on the American music scene."
He went on to say that the author, ahem, "aces our coolness litmus test" by including such features as a two-page spread on Gearhead Magazine."
Fitzgerald wasn't so kind to Darrell Mayabb, who did the cover art, but concluded that the book should be "a definitive guide to building your garage's CD collection." Now that is an interesting perspective.

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