Monday, December 11, 2006

ROCKIN' at the Petersen with Pennsylvania Bad Boy Jim Altieri

Pennsylvania hard-rocker Jim Altieri makes some of the most wickedly funny, in yer face rock concert posters of anyone working today. You can see a great deal of his work on Click on "designers" and you'll get a hella face full.

I'm happy to say the Petersen Museum noticed Jim's work, placing his David Lee Roth poster in context with the famous California Girls Merc at the Encore! Cars and Guitars of Rock n' Roll II exhibit, which continues through the end of this year.

Unfortunately, while I made sure to snap a photo of the exhibit and include it in ROCKIN', I also managed to crop out--quite inadvertently, I have to say in my own defense, but nonetheless "guilty!" "guilty!"--Jim's poster. So here it is, with abject apologies. Jim, I love ya, babe.

Everyone who buys a copy of ROCKIN' at the Petersen this coming Sunday afternoon, December 17th, gets a free pass to all the exhibits. And I get to autograph it for you, and likely Mike Ness will do so too.

Keep yer fingers crossed: we're hoping Snoop, King Tee, Tom Morello and THE DEMON, and the boyz from West Coast Customs all will be stopping by as well. ROCKIN's art director/book designer Brent Rector will be driving in with me. And Michael Lederman's '37 DeSoto, pictured on page 58, with its videoscreens and banks of speakers, will be front-and-center as well.

See you there!

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Dr. Health said...

And I get to autograph it for you, and likely Mike Ness will do so too.