Wednesday, December 27, 2006

ROCKIN' thanks to Stainboy, Lindsey Kuhn, and all the other great rock poster artists involved

Stainboy (Greg Reinel) is one of the top rock concert poster artists working today. He drew "Mustang Sally" (page 179) for ROCKIN', and I also included his Nashville Pussy tour poster (page 185) that received boatloads of attention in his hometown of Orlando, FL when he actually posted it on the street. Greg is one of the truly great rockers I've been fortunate to hang with.

The picture of him in his green machine was taken in Ohio, in front of artist Mike Martin's house (Mike did the inspired skull-engine piece which is full page 42). Stainboy, happily married to Erin, also can be a travelin' man, logging tens of thousands of miles in a year depending on where the two major rock poster conventions are, and if his band, Nutrajet, is on the road as well.

Lindsey Kuhn, shown here with Stainboy, heads up the SWAMP company in Denver and is top-dog-printer (and poster artist) in the skate industry. His Kills poster (page 105) continues to confound me--in a great way--years after having first seen it at Flatstock at SXSW. It's the essence of being behind the wheel, with a great desert vista ahead and all around.

Many of you know I'm the author of THE ART OF ROCK and later, with Dennis King, of ART OF MODERN ROCK. So I've been surrounded by poster artists for the better part of three decades. ROCKIN' benefited from these relationships, giving me the ability to explain songs, moods, and attitudes about cars and rock by way of these inspired and necessarily oblique viewpoints.

The full list of the artists involved is in the acknowledgments page. So I just want to say, once more, big thanks to each and every one who went over the edge for ROCKIN'.


Mike Martin said...

Good God.

Dr. Health said...

The full list of the artists involved
is in the acknowledgments page.