Monday, December 18, 2006

ROCKIN' the Petersen with CadZZilla's Billy F Gibbons

ZZ Top's Billy F Gibbons suddenly entered the picture yesterday afternoon. He'd heard about ROCKIN' from our outside publicist Bob Merlis (who's also Gibbons' press agent), and we'd been dancing around each other for weeks. The Petersen event proved irresistable.

Brent Rector, who was at the opposite end of the signing table from Dean Jeffries, Mike Ness, and me, said he suddenly looked up from a copy he was signing and there was Billy settling into a chair beside him. And so from that point there were stories aplenty, some great belly laughs, and at least half the crowd got their ROCKIN' book signed by Billy.

Later Billy, Brent, and I cruised by CadZZilla, which is part of the Stars / Cars / and Guitars exhibit at the Petersen. Billy still can't quite believe I pried those 'attitudinal' drawings out from designer Larry Erickson's garage and used 'em to create a 6-page spread on what I think is the rocking-ist car of all time.

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The Petersen event proved irresistable.