Thursday, December 07, 2006

ROCKIN' the KFOG-FM (San Francisco) Morning Show w. Dave Morey

This morning bright and early I headed across the Bay Bridge to make a 7:00 am appearance on the KFOG-FM (San Francisco) Morning Show, hosted by Dave Morey and crew. This was yet another great radio session with ROCKIN' DOWN THE HIGHWAY. Everyone purred over it, asked insanely intelligent questions, and the 30 minutes flew by in seconds.

Morey has one of the great radio voices. He's originally from Detroit, but we adopted him long ago. It was a pleasure being in the same studio with a true legend.

It's all in the tones, I determined. And mellifluousness.

Then hours later, a real bombshell came across the e-mail highway. One of the Morning Show listeners contacted Dorothy Molstad, the Marketing Manager for ROCKIN' at the publisher's office in St. Paul. Susan King wanted to know more about this book everyone was raving about! Turns out she's the buyer for Z Gallerie, a hip home decor store with 74 shops nationwide. Her office is in Berkeley, so I chased down Highway 80 later in the day and put ROCKIN' in her hands. If you're Christmas shopping at Z Gallerie over the next two weeks, you just might see ROCKIN' on one of their tables, all on account of some rather timely (!) listening-in.

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Then hours later, a real bombshell came across the e-mail highway.