Thursday, December 21, 2006

ROCKIN' with my good friends at Cinderblock

David Bischoff, facilities manager at Cinderblock, invited me down to autograph copies of ROCKIN' for the staff. Cinderblock is a cutting-edge rock & roll garment, retail/tour merchandise, and licensing company which has on its roster bands like Green Day. This year they moved to a great new building near the Oakland airport, giving them all the space necessary to operate and grow . . . and they are growing!

Many of my friends from the original Winterland Productions, and then Sony Signatures, and then Signatures Network have gone on to work at Cinderblock. The energy and enthusiasm for what they do reminds me every time why I got into rock merchandising in the first place. And Cinderblock's Jeffrey Bischoff is a fine leader of men and women in this business.

I was thrilled to see Judi Kasper, now one of the production/fulfillment managers at Cinderblock, doing what she did for years at Winterland--get the printed and ticketed merch from the screenprinting machines through the post-production lines and ready for the trucks waiting in the bays. Judi's boss at Winterland was Frankie Vee (Frank Vacanti), whom you met in an earlier blog. Frankie still works for Dell Furano at Signatures Network. Dell, as with promoter Bill Graham, is and forever will be my mentor in the business of rock & roll.

Here's Judi with her hand on Frankie's page in ROCKIN'. The circle remains unbroken.

I brought with me two cases of ROCKIN'. By the time I left, I'd autographed 17 copies. Good readin' at Cinderblock this holiday . . . and good rockin' from me to them . . . and to you too.


Robert Frump said...

Hey Paul...Absolutely am loving the book as I chunk out the chapters each evening. Hey, of course I read my own stuff first, and am again, so happy you chose to pick up the piece about Rich Brigidi and his 442. Rich is alive and well and would love to chat with you. Unfortunately, I've misplaced your incoming phone number from November, so if you can give me a buzz or email me at robert.frump @ I'll get you two together.

Oh, he still has the red 442!

For any of you out there considering buyin this book, geez, don't wait on it. It's going to give you a big smile. Richie Brigidi was (is) the real deal in terms of street racing and rock n' roll and he thinks this baby is just fabulous.

All the best,

Bob Frump

About Medicine Blog said...

The energy and enthusiasm for what they do reminds me every time why I got into rock merchandising in the first place.