Friday, February 09, 2007

ROCKIN' history with graphic artist Keith Neltner, Hank III, and the ghost of Hank Sr.

I spoke at the Cincinnati Art Academy several weeks ago, at the request of Professor Mark Thomas and graphic artist Keith Neltner. Keith does a lot of work for Hank Williams III, better known as "Hank III," including some inspired CD packaging and many of his tour posters. You can see many fine pieces at

Knowing my interest in all things Hank Williams (and remembering the full page story in ROCKIN' on the death of Hank Sr. in his Cadillac), Keith sent me these strangely moving photos which Hank III commissioned, using a '53 Cadillac (not in the same car, but the same year and model of the Cadillac which bore his granddad to his death).

The top photo is of Hank Sr. performing on a flatbed truck around 1950. Notice the resemblance?

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