Thursday, February 08, 2007

This just in! ROCKIN's featured (10 pages!!) in THE RODDERS JOURNAL issue #35

Have you heard the news? There's good rockin' tonite!

Steve Coonan and Chris McCreary at THE RODDERS JOURNAL were hugely helpful to me in creating key spreads (as in the LoneStar Roundup write-up) in ROCKIN'. Then, they went a step further and honored the book in TRJ itself.

Issue #35 is shipping now. One of the cover stories is Eric Clapton's newest ride, a '32 Ford Victoria. TRJ gave ROCKIN' ten full pages.

If you don't already know, TRJ is the most prestigious rod & custom publication in the world. It's the brainchild of publisher Steve Coonan, who's also one of the top three automotive photographers. In fact, he might be number one. Point is, it's a great, great honor and I'm very grateful for the interest and the exposure.

Check it out! Enjoy! Let Steve know you read the piece.

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