Saturday, February 03, 2007

ROCKIN' with with friends and acquaintances at the Grand National

All of a sudden, Abe Bradshaw and Nicole (his wife? his girlfriend?) showed up at my booth at the Grand National. We'd never met before, but we were instantly connected by way of the book. Abe and Nicole told me they had just bought a copy, and while they were visiting Southern California on business the book's subject matter connected them with the Grand National. And so they came to the Fairplex in Pomona to see the Deuce's 75th Anniversary exhibit along with the way-out customs and the zany rat rods.

Abe runs a record label in Brooklyn, I really don't know much about it, or which bands are are on it, but I related to Abe and Nicole in a big way. This is what I'm into too: rock music. cars. And the business surrounding both. And I plan to follow up to see what Abe's created and check out the music he's representing.

While I was happily getting to know the two of them, Larry Erickson and Dan Quarnstrom suddenly appeared (you read about them in the previous blog). Within minutes Larry, Nicole, and Abe were sharing stories (as above). Larry, who's as good as a professor on the subject of car design, was engaging them as only he can do. It was a huge pleasure watching new acquaintances hook up with someone I respect hugely.

It's what this book has been about right from the beginning: Friendship. Knowledge. Appreciation for some of the really great things in life. In other words, Kustom Kulture.

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