Tuesday, February 27, 2007

ROCKIN' receives magnificent spread in KUSTOM: IL MAGAZINE DELLA KUSTOM KULTURE (Italy)

Seems like I've been buds with Ron Donovan and Chuck Sperry forever. They're the great renegade rock poster-makers outta San Francisco who're known as the FIREHOUSE KUSTOM ROCK ART COMPANY all over Europe, where they travel and teach screenprinting to rockers nearly every year. You see their work in many spreads in ROCKIN', with Chuck pictured on page 198. Both were featured in my and Dennis King's book, ART OF MODERN ROCK which came out in 2004. This rainy day, as I write this, they're putting the final touches on their latest Eric Clapton tour poster, set in motion thru mutual friend and marketer, Steve Gerstman.
Two years ago Ron and Chuck traveled back to the US with Luca Mattioli, direttore responsabile for KUSTOM MAGAZINE, a fine, fine--if not the finest--kustom kulture mag in Europe, published in Italy. I told Luca what I was up to, creating ROCKIN' for Motorbooks. Luca said, "when you're ready, you and Brent (that's Brent Rector, the book's art director and designer) should get some of the content over to me and we'll create a great magazine piece. Everyone in Europe will want to read about it!"
And now Luca's done it! Check out these spreads from issue #50, just released (hopefully you can find it in cosmopolitan newsstands in the big cities). Also, gotta give major props to Kustom's direzione artistica, Stefania Gabellini, who assembled everything so very creatively.
In addition, in this issue there's also a nice spread on the "Cars and Guitars of the Stars" exhibit (part two) from the Petersen Museum in Los Angeles. The Catallo family's Little Deuce Coupe sure looks fine.
ROCKIN's premise, that cars and rock & roll go together like . . . cars . . . and rock & roll . . . is shared all over the world. Thanks Luca and staff, for putting the word out in France, in Germany, in Italy, in Sweden and Denmark, 'cause as we all know, THERE'S GOOD ROCKIN' TONITE!

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