Thursday, February 15, 2007

ROCKIN' world report #1: Details on the latest episode of Chinese rock star Dou Wei versus the media (and a car)


This as reported by the Beijing News and seen on the internet:

[in translation]

At around 10 am on February 10, rock star Dou Wei went to the office of the Beijing Times, demanding to see the reporter named Zhuo Wei, who had written several reports about him. When Zhou did not appear, he smashed a television set and a computer. When the News Department head came to see him, Dou Wei tossed a glass of water into the person's face. Two friends helped calm Dou Wei down, and he left, saying he would be back.

At around 5 pm, Dou Wei returned but did not do anything. He just stood outside on the street looking dispirited.

At around 5:30 pm, Dou Wei took out a small bottle and poured liquid on a car that belonged to a Beijing News worker. Then he set the liquid on fire (as shown in the picture). According to eyewitnesses, there was a heavy smell of gasoline, but Dou Wei did not leave the scene.

Soon three fire engines arrived, along with the police. They took Dou Wei back to the police station. He said nothing during the police interrogation, except for one statement: "Someone is trying to harm me."

At around 4 am, Dou Wei came out of the police station and left by car.

Dou Wei rose to fame as lead singer of the rock band Black Panther in the early 1990s before branching out into more experimental music.

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