Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Two ROCKIN' guys at Motorbooks

This is the fun part, the homestretch, as we head toward Thanksgiving and then Christmas '06. Hearing that people everywhere are discovering your book. Today the author-publisher team achieved a major milestone at Amazon.com. There, you can see a book's ranking every hour of the day, and the lower ranking your book achieves, the more copies it's selling. A book enters Amazon with a ranking in the 300,000's. A ranking under 10,000 is considered, in baseball analogy, a decent hit, maybe even a double up the alley. Under 5,000--you're sliding into third base.

Today ROCKIN' hit 3,504 (meaning, on Amazon, only 3,503 books are selling better). As a reference point, my previous book, ART OF MODERN ROCK, achieved the incredible ranking of 136, Christmas week, 2004. You can bet I'm watching every day now.

Now you gotta think . . . cars and rock & roll . . . that has to be a winner! I'm hopeful, that's for sure. As an author who spent two and a half years producing ROCKIN', I want as many people as possible to discover it.

Two people at Voyageur Press--the new imprint of MBI/Motorbooks Publishing, under which ROCKIN' has been published--deserve particular credit for what's now happening in the marketplace. Meet Randy Roland (left), the president-CEO guy, and Dennis Pernu (right), my esteemed editor. Both are holding Mike Martin's skull-engine, the poster art which opens up Chapter Two. Good juju all around!


David Glossner said...

... also today Rockin' is #73 on Amazon's top seller list in the music category!!!

About Medicine Blog said...

Under 5,000--you're sliding into third base.