Tuesday, January 30, 2007

ROCKIN' with the Fabulous Jimmie Vaughan at the Grand National

Jimmie Vaughan stopped by my booth at the Grand National on Sunday to pay respects to the ROCKIN' book. He also wanted to point out that I'd neglected to include the 1982 "T-Bird Rhythm" LP cover art in the material I'd devoted to him. He was of course right (although, in my defense, I'd have to say that isn't my favorite photo of the Fabulous Thunderbirds, so that's why I likely overlooked it). I prefer the boys a little more slicked up, Chicago-style.

But it's also true that "T-Bird Rhythm" is a fabulous album of fortified and funkafied Texas and Gulf Coast blues. Nick Lowe, of Rockpile fame, was the producer.

Jimmie's '54 Ford pictured here won a nice award at the Grand National. Unlike some rockers who tend to hide their presence, Jimmie was everywhere, admiring all the great creations.

Hopefully I'll be at the Lone Star Round Up in Austin, TX not too long from now, and will finally hear Jimmie playing Steve Wertheimer's legendary Continental Club. Now THAT will be a butt-rockin' night, for sure.

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