Wednesday, January 17, 2007

ROCKIN' with promoter Pete Paulsen and DJ Johnny "T"

There's good rockin' tonite!!

Pete Paulsen (shown at right) is a member of the San Francisco Rod, Custom, and Motorcycle Show's Hall of Fame. We first met at the HOF luncheon on Saturday, where I spoke.

Turns out Pete's not only a legendary show promoter ("Hot Antioch Nights," "Truck 'n Bike Mania," etc. etc.) in the San Francisco East Bay, he was a band manager in the '60s. In fact, when he stopped by the DuPont "Hot Hues" booth where I was autographing books, he pointed out that the picture of Stanley and the Four Fendermen, whom he managed (see page 25), was taken in front of his own Cadillac (as Pete's showing us here). He also sent me this neat poster, with Stan and the Fendermen but also including Tom Thumb and the Hitch Hikers!

Johnny "T," holding ROCKIN', was DJ-in-charge at the SF show. He also spins the wax and shoves the carts, so to speak, at Pete Paulsen's automotive events.

Rockers and Gearheads--my kinda people.

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