Monday, January 15, 2007

ROCKIN' with my newest friend, Tammy Tresko, from the Golden Gate Street Machines Unlimited car club

Tammy Tresko belongs to the Golden Gate Street Machines Unlimited car club, founded in the summer of 1987 by the late Art "Tac" Tacderan. Since January, 1990, the GGSMU has hosted the "Grand National" Roadster Show, now known as the San Francisco Rod, Custom, and Motorcycle Show (held this past weekend at the Cow Palace), meaning they help bring a "quality experience" to this enormous, historic show. The club--now grown to over 50 members, and with wonderful rides among 'em (see the roster at once a month at the Elk's Lodge in San Mateo, CA.

Tammy also is one of the ticketing managers at the San Francisco Symphony, so when I wanna get cultured (again), she told me I must contact her!

I meet so many people in the course of making big, significant books. There are rock-star aspects to all this, and if you're not careful, your "fame" can go to your head . . . real quick. It's people like Tammy that keep my feet on the ground. Tammy loves ROCKIN' for the same reasons I constructed it: hey, it's about cars and rock & roll.

You're a sister, Tammy Tresko! Good to meet you!!

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